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Hey, you found me!

My name is Shantia and I'm a 25-year-old product designer from Toronto, Canada.


I started my UX/UI career by actually pursuing journalism, which wasn’t intentional but at the time, has taught me so much about human interactions, especially interactions involving design, communication and technology.


I later discovered my true passion was solving problems through accessible design!


Don't get me wrong I still love writing, but advocating for better and accessible design is my true calling. 

Having previous experience with journalism has taught me transferable skills that I can use with confidence. 

I transitioned to a career in UX/UI because naturally,  I am venturesome and compassionate and will design for users to have experiences that are creative, fascinating and stress-free.

I aim to be a designer-advocate that puts people first, while also providing satisfaction to companies looking to bring users these experiences.

When I'm not thinking about design or daydreaming of my next solo trip, I like to pass my time reading, exploring the city, working on my tennis skills, and binge-watching my favourite shows! 


I can't wait to share my journey with you,



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My Current Monthly Faves


My favourite place at the moment is a cafe in my neighbourhood called Goldies. This cafe has the perfect vibe for doing work, catching up with friends and even going on dates. My favourite is their cheddar lobster bisque soup!


My favourite app/website this month is Notion! This easy to use  website is perfect for those who need a clean/minimalistic plain text space to organize their work. I've been using this all throughout the year and it has helped me keep on track more than before.


My current favourite show is You on Netflix. The writing and acting in this series is done so well, it gives you the creeps! I'm so happy it's been renewed for a fourth season!

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