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Hey, you found me!

My name is Shantia and I'm a 26-year-old Digital Content Strategist from Toronto, Canada.


I started my UX/UI career by actually pursuing journalism, which wasn’t intentional but at the time, has taught me so much about human interactions, especially interactions involving design, communication and technology.


I later discovered my true passion was solving problems through accessible design!


Don't get me wrong I still love writing, but advocating for better and accessible design is my true calling. 

Having previous experience with journalism has taught me transferable skills that I can use with confidence. 

I transitioned to a career in UX/UI because naturally,  I am venturesome and compassionate and will design for users to have experiences that are creative, fascinating and stress-free.

I aim to be a designer-advocate who puts people first, while also providing satisfaction to companies looking to bring users these experiences.

When I'm not thinking about design or daydreaming of my next solo trip, I like to spend my time reading, exploring the city, working on my tennis skills, and binge-watching my favourite shows! 


I can't wait to share my journey with you,



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My Current Monthly Faves


My favourite place at the moment is this secret beach I found in Mimico. There's something about a secluded beachfront that can really help me relax at the end of a busy week.


My favourite app/website this month is Spotify! Besides listening to a bunch of my favourite artists, I love how Spotify is constantly innovating the way we consume music and podcasts! The AI DJ is my favourite feature.


I'm always looking for a new show to watch! If you have any suggestions feel free to send me some through my contact form! I recently finished The Vortex!

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